My cleaning business is in one of the most competitive industries imaginable. Anybody can clean. So going into this I knew I needed a super online presence as quickly as possible. Once The Search Kings started to work with my website and Google listings, I started to get phone calls. At first it was slowly and then it picked up tremendously. I would have to say that we have made 10X or more of our money back from their SEO services. We don’t even need to pay to advertise anywhere and last week we had to turn down 8 jobs. Time to hire more people. Thank you Search Kings!

K. Smith
5 Star Cleaning

We had a great holiday season with almost $6000 in sales in December. I think the optimization really helped this season. Thanks for your help! …Because we were slammed with gift basket orders since mid November.

R. Rendsvold

The Search Kings have completely changed the way we do business. They introduced us to a whole new and innovative way to reach our existing and new patients. They took our website from a bit of a mess to the sleek and informative sight it is today. They have been so easy to work with; very quick to make the modifications we need and always on call. Together we have come up with new marketing strategies and up to date ways to communicate with our client base through the web. We have shot up in the google ranking, which as we all know is extremely important. We have increased the number of visitors to our site tenfold and have many inquiries from those visitors through the many scheduling options in the site. The Search Kings have become a vital part of our business and would be for any business looking to reach their clients through the power of the internet.

M. Foster
Regional Manager / Surface Medical Spas
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