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Search engine optimization (SEO) is different today than it was 6 years ago. The days are gone when people could startup a random and thoughtless website and backlink their way to the top of the search engines. From a terrain that is constantly changing, Google consistently makes enhancements by shifting and improving their algorithm to only present results which can be the most related to the website visitor.

Attaining the desired “Page 1” of Google ranking could be a difficult method if a website isn’t being seo’ed correctly. Additionally, there are over a couple hundred “signals” Google uses to determine which websites are shown on their first page. It is crucial for any company, whether it’s a regional business in Washington, DC or even a national enterprise, to be on that first page! First internet page results = FREE highly targeted traffic for your site 24/7. Or else you would have to pay out money per website visitor (pay-per-click) by online advertising on Google instead of naturally showing up on Page 1. Amazingly, those clicks can certainly be priced as high as four hundred dollars per visitor or more! That’s unbelievable!

In choosing an seo company you need to look for a service provider who knows what they’re doing. Has a great deal of experience behind them. Is not using old, obsolete SEO practices that can get your website blocked by the search engines (like many low-quality companies do). But in addition passion to help other businesses truly succeed and get top rankings on the net.

Right here at The Search Kings, we provide you with expert level Search engine optimization services to clients everywhere, but specifically focused on District of Columbia companies and organizations. Our full-time expert consultants make it their mission to keep up with the latest changes in SEO and therefore are driven by genuine results for our clients.

Still uncertain if you’d like SEO services in the District of Columbia? Below is a scenario:

Why don’t we say you run a plumbing related business and there happen to be 6,000 Internet searches a month for plumbing technicians in the region you service. Let’s also assume that your regular profit for a job is $300. If your website shows up on Page one of Google and your web site receives traffic from just 10% of those individuals, you now have 600 visitors to your sales page. And as a result of those 600 visitors, only 10% actually retain the services you provide (60 new clients). Being on page 1 of Google could actually generate an additional $18,000 every single month in profit for your enterprise. So now what if those figures were 20% or 30%? That is the value of the absolute need of being on Page 1 and having a professional Search engine optimization company in your corner!Professional SEO Services!

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