Local SEO For Businesses Is Crucial!

Marketing for local businesses has become harder and harder as competition increases in local markets. The more competitive a market is, generally the more expensive it become to get your name out there. The yellow pages can be very expensive and every year the number of people using the book decreases. Flyers are good, but the response rate can be very low until a large (and expensive amount) of testing is done to increase those responses. So how is a local business supposed to effectively marketing online without breaking the bank?

Enter, local business marketing on the internet. Each year, more people turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find services in their area. You may have noticed when typing in “plumber” or “plumber Los Angeles” that a number of businesses show up in the results. The people who’s businesses appear at the top of those results get more targeted prospect calls than people who do not show up in those listings. Simply because they have been able to make their website “relevant” for the specific keywords that the user typed in. Thus, the search engines put them on Page 1 and they get all of the FREE leads; day after day while their competitors lose out.


Do a search for your business type + your geographic location (EX: flood cleanup dallas). Does your website show up on Page 1? Do you even have a website yet? Chances are there are hundreds of people searching online each month for your services, specific to the area you service and they cannot find your site! Without leads or calls, your business is on it’s deathbed.

We can help change that. Here at The Search Kings we have many many local business clients who utilize our services to get their website more traffic and more targeted leads. The process of optimizing a website (SEO) to get it seen as being relevant to the search engines is what we’re all about. If you think your business could use more customers, more calls and more leads, give us a call today or fill out our form for a FREE website analysis. Don’t let your competitors continue to take your business from you. Get started now!

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