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1646 Cerroni Tooele UT 84074
(888) 828-2212
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  • Ken F.
    The Search Kings built me a beautiful website that promoted our services and got me on the first pages of the services that people were looking for. Thanks to The Search Kings we have improved our business.
  • Haddy H.
    I would recommend The Search Kings to any company looking to expand their service area. They helped my business expand into searches in Google with in 3 counties providing me with numerous listings over 3 counties.
  • Lou T.
    The Search Kings is all you need to know about the internet! Just give them a call! They helped me when I needed it the most and I am not sure what I would be doing without them now! They are creative and go the extra mile so that you will see the results. Keep it going Thanks so much!
  • Carmine S.
    Great customer service and professionals, who are passionate about what they do. They will work with your issue until they fix it and will explain to you what's going on. The company offers a lot of services and their SEO and CRM programs are great as well!
  • Matt O.
    Being a small plumbing company the internet is important to help me in my business. The Search Kings has helped me over the past 3 years with optimization, website and marketing. Give them a call and you will love the results!
  • Ran R.
    The Search Kings helped me with my e-commerce website with email campaigns, social media and national optimization. I am very happy with their help and would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants more visibility on the internet.
  • Cindy L.
    The Search Kings is an absolute pleasure to work with. SEO companies today can tell all the stories in the world but the proof is in the pudding. Lee Ann assessed my online presence and gave me a few options. I was very impressed from the get go at how she was able to envision my company. Lee Ann treats my business like a brand. What's more comforting than an SEO company that treats you like a brand? For the results and the exceptional service the prices are very good. We've seen our business grow exponentially and are very excited to continue our journey with them.
  • Glen B.
    We are so glad that we decided to hire The Search Kings to help us make the most of our new website. In only a few months we have reached the goals that Lee Ann set for our business and have noticed an increase in potential client calls! Lee Ann and Paul are great to work with and very hands on. If you are considering using doing any SEO, I highly recommend The Search Kings.
  • Alex H.
    I have had a few business that needed to be optimized in a very competitive industry. The Search Kings was able to get me to the top of the first pages on the internet. Great appreciation from me and my Family!
  • Gary L.
    To be honest I had my reservations that The Search Kings could get my local business in Utah to be seen in the United States, But now I am getting calls from North Carolina, California and pretty much every state. The Search Kings did this in 4 months I couldn't be happier with my services.
  • Paula B.
    The Search Kings helped build my Non Profit Organization Website to be in compliance with Government regulations as well as getting me locally seen on the internet. They are willing to do what is needed to help with changes. I would highly recommend their services.
  • Dirk R.
    The Search Kings went the extra mile for my business focusing on the type of traffic that I need to continue my business. I have worked with The Search Kings for now more than 6 years and am very pleased with the results.
  • Sammy H.
    I had no online presence, no marketing when the company I was with claimed bankruptcy. The Search Kings quickly built my website and started local marketing for me so I was able to stay in business. Thanks so Much!
  • Rob M.
    I was confused how to promote my business online. When I contacted The Search Kings they came up with a unique game plan to create my online business. I have never regretted my decision and have always been sincerely happy with the results I have received from The Search Kings.
  • Steve Short
    I had my first website built and began advertising on-line about 10 years ago... Since then I've met with a wide variety of "SO CALLED" search engine specialists and website builders with an abundance dissatisfaction with many people who are in this industry... The search Kings have been much different than the seeming commonality of this industry... They've been good for my business, they've constructed the nicest website of all the others, and I feel that their work is straightforward, honest and effective... I've been using this company for nearly 3 years now without any problems or disappointments whatsoever... Specifically, I work with Lee Ann,, and she has been top-notch in all matters that I put before her.
  • Josh K.
    The help and services I have received from The Search Kings have been great! The suggestions and their marketing as well as their ability to optimize my website have been more than I could have imagined. If you are looking for a company to help you look no further! The Search Kings can help!
  • Mark M.
    When it comes to local optimization and websites The Search Kings are the Best! I have worked with several and hands down The Search Kings tops them all!
  • Danny V.
    I was referred to The Search Kings by a friend and have never been happier! They not only did the local Google Rankings but also did the optimization on my website for the other cities as well as counties that I wanted to provide services for.
  • Joe D.
    Thanks The Search Kings. Now customers that need my services can call me. Keep up the great work!! Thanks Again!! For everything you do!
  • Tom C.
    The Search Kings is a Great SEO Company!! Highly RECOMMEND to help you in everything you need online! They are great to work with and best of all you see results!! With my company I had special needs and wanted customers from another area. Wow I am amazed! Thanks Again.
  • Bryan J.
    Thank you, The Search Kings! When I came to The Search Kings I had no control of my website that I had paid thousands for. You created my website and a domain and got my website up and ranking I cannot extend my gratitude enough for the help with my optimization online. Now I am on Google First Page and my phone is ringing!
  • Deb F.
    My results were great! People were seeing my website and calling to make appointments once The Search Kings started their process of optimizing my website. Traffic is great but what is better is the traffic that is setting appointments. I would recommend this company to others! Thanks Again.
  • George H.
    I highly recommend The Search Kings. The staff members are extremely professional and helpful. They did an amazing job building me a website for the company I work for and even gave me better ideas than I had thought of myself. They were able to answer any questions I had and gave me exactly what I was looking for! Would definitely use again.
  • Keith B.
    I contacted The Search Kings asked them what they could do on Facebook for me within a week I had clients calling me for services! I will continue doing business with them for a long time. I was Amazed!
  • Paul H.
    I couldn't be more grateful for such a wonderful company. I have had numerous people help me in the past on my website, but The Search Kings was the most efficient and cost effective. Not only did they build me a brand new website, they listen to me rambling on about what I wanted, answered all my questions, customized my options and brought it to life! My site is more then I imaged it to be. You really get what you pay for, and I highly recommend these guys for all your website needs. A big thank you to everyone at The Search Kings, for a job well done!
  • Allen L.
    As a small business I would like to Thank The Search Kings for their ability to give me a professional presence on the internet. They helped me with a website and social media (twitter and Facebook) it helped out tremendously.
  • Staci M.
    #1 for Mobile Text Marketing, SEO & Internet Marketing. The Search Kings provides the top results at the best prices! The Search King will increase your sales with new customers & clients, along with creating repeat sales from your current customer base! The Search Kings also creates amazing websites and mobile websites.

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